President Obama has declared this week National Small Business Week, and this year marks the 50th straight year of America’s tradition of honoring its small businesses. The first president to begin this tradition was President Kennedy who signed the first Presidential Proclamation in 1963. Over the past 50 years, America’s small business owners have continued to play a vital role in our nation’s economy and in expanding our nation’s ability to compete in the global economy.

Here at the Bailey Law Corporation, we know that small business owners are faced with challenges everyday, whether they are dealing with employee disputes or ensuring their company’s compliance with the various statutes and regulations that may affect their business. Many of the problems small business owners face can be prevented. By taking some simple preventative measures and obtaining proper advice early on, many small businesses can save hundreds, if not thousands, later on down the road. Even what many seem like a small complaint by an employee can escalate into several hearings before the California Labor Commissioner and hefty penalties.

Talk to an attorney at the Bailey Law Corporation today if you have any concerns or questions regarding the operation of your business. An attorney can review your company’s handbooks, rules, and policies and help you avoid costly problems in the future.

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